domingo, 18 de janeiro de 2009


desnorteado, without a compass,
nor magic,nor magnetic
between peace and war
among death and life,
in fear of my next day
terrorized of my future
with my fast heartbeating
without health insurance,
With a broken family
jobless, trying to survive
in this planet of miserable past
and uncertain tomorrow.
Far away from the monopoly
of a well beingness
in a distant place from harmony
and happiness,
trusting the economical system
that belongs to the few,
in hope for a better existence.
Praying constantly to God,
asking for the possibility,
to recover my green toughts
natural assembly of love and nature,
Hoping to find my self , even desnorteado,
with a compass of common sense,
nor magic, nor magnetic , to get out
from my bad luck and cause my good future
Rafael Sandiego
(c) 2009
Colección Rafalerías

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