segunda-feira, 21 de abril de 2008

We are Sun folks of the Blue planet!

The Earth is one of islands of infinite Ocean of the Universe.
Earthmen try to come into contact with other Civilizations of Universe,
But here, on the Earth, people lose contact among themselves, unfortunately.
We lose each other. This way not leads us to perfection of our world.
We have one Great Nationality. - We are Earthmen! We are Sun folks of the Blue planet!
It is fine! Take care!
The God has created the Universe not for Itself.
He has created Her for us. He has given us the Heavenly Name. This name is the Human.
The Human Soul is boundless. The Soul is the Universe.


Nota: Recebi de meu mais novo amigo do imeem, Askura e veio em boa hora.
Thanks Askura!

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